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dental tourism in kaliningrad GenesisGenesis Dental Clinic proudly offers Dental Tourism and invite people who are seeking top quality dental care at affordable prices. We provide our patients for the range of dental services including classical and basal implantation as well as all kinds of prosthetics. Due to modern treating methods and personal approach we can satisfy all demands of our clients. We devote ample time to learn more about every specific case and then offer the best solution. Whether caries treatment, surgical procedures or dental implantation, our high qualified dentists will put it easy and pain-free.

Every year people from neighbor countries come to Genesis for dental care due to high professional dentists and top quality dental treatments, as well as lower prices compared to Western countries.

In addition, we provide individuals with affordable dental care during their vacation or business trips in Kaliningrad.  Even during holidays, you may achieve beautiful smile with new dental crowns or implants as a way.

! Isn’t vacation in Kaliningrad an excellent possibility to have high-qualified timely treatment? Genesis is in the center of Kaliningrad, so it easy to reach.

Why Genesis

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We have successful practice of:

dental implantation Genesis aesthetic dentistry in Kaliningrad all kinds of prosthetics Genesis surgical dentistry in Kaliningrad

classical and basal implantation

 aesthetic dentistry
(porcelain and composite veneers)

all kinds of prosthetics

surgical dentistry

We provide you with affordable dental care:

  • free initial consultation
  • no hidden costs
  • high-quality treatments and services
  • personal discounts

Due to euro rate the cost of treatment in Russia is lower than in Europe and globally 


Actually, the term «dentures» covers a range of false teeth options: all kinds of bridges, clasp and removable prosthesis, zirconium or porcelain fused to metal crowns, veneers. Dentures can naturally replace your own teeth. You may fit a complete denture to replace all teeth, or choose a partial denture, it depends on your dental case.

brands dental clinic Genesis

Here are the general benefits of dentures:

  • Restoring your ability to laugh, eat and speak
  • Preventing your own healthy teeth from shifting out of position
  • Distributing the load during chewing equally, reducing unnecessary wear of healthy teeth.
  • Recovering your smile

Dental Implants

implants Genesis clinic Dental implants can replace the lost teeth and help your smile to be more confidently. Contemporary dental implants are permanent, effectively, and secure way to fill any gaps in your smile, all while preserving your existing teeth.


Surgeons dentists of Genesis clinic have the best practice in implant dentistry: classical and basal implantation. We work with the world famous dental implant systems: AlphaBio, MIS, Straumann, Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare, Xive, Impro, Biohorizons.

Here are the real benefits of dental implants:

  • New dental implants will allow you not have to worry about your dentures moving around, you will never worry about your dentures flying out when you laugh or cough.
  • Your own healthy teeth will not be damaged as in case of fitting dental bridges or veneers.
  • Contemporary implants will help you look younger, enjoy smiling and talking with others.
  • You can live longer, due to dental implants let you better eating and preventing stomach problems.

Actually, the process of teeth restoration includes dentures and dental implants both, but which kind of treatment is the best fitted for your case? We will make a dental treatment plan and offer you the best solution.

If you decided to visit Genesis for dental treatment, please contact us by e-mail or by phone for discussion aspects of your treatment in advance.  We will help you with a transfer and meet you in our clinic.


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Orthodontist, Chief Physician

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